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About Me

Born in South Africa and now living in the United Kingdom. I've been playing guitar for 16 years and teaching guitar for 8.I started my Youtube channel, Simple Guitar Tabs, to hopefully provide those learning guitar with easy and enjoyable songs that will inspire them to continue with the instrument.If you wish to meet other like minded people learning guitar you can join our Discord

Buying My Tabs

You can purchase my tabs through either Patreon or PayPal.Please remember to contact me at [email protected] letting me know which tab PDFs you'd like. I will then email you the tabs as soon as possible.My tabs come with a QR code in the top right hand corner. Scan this code with your phone's camera and tap the link, this will take you straight to the Youtube video.If you'd like the music notes as well as the numbers, please let me know and i'll send you both versions.

My gear, including audio and visual equipment.


Feel free to send me any questions about my channel or tabs.

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